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The Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Rather than planks of flooring, the herringbone pattern is made up of smaller blocks of flooring that can be laid in a variety of geometric patterns. This flooring can immediately transform any traditional or contemporary space with its luxurious appeal and distinctive character. It is ideal for commercial use with heavy traffic. Vista offers varied Maple shades for this widely loved flooring. It comes with a 15-year warrantee and can be easily maintained by cleaning with a damp cloth.

Immune to Impact

The Vista Herringbone flooring comes in a thickness of 12mm for resisting impact better. It also offers reduced sound migration, better insulating properties, softer foot fall, and better bridging of subfloor imperfections. It also allows for deeper embossing, which is the secret sauce that gives premium laminates their swanky good looks.

Strong Against Damage

It comes with an AC5 rating. The common term used to denote the durability level of laminate flooring is the Abrasion Criteria or AC rating, representing a laminate's resistance to abrasion, impact, stains and cigarette burns. AC ratings also indicate that the product has been tested for the effects of furniture legs, castors, and swelling along its edges.

The Gluefree Installation

The Herringbone flooring is installed using the 2G Super Click Locking system, that is a strong and durable glue-free locking system which is installed by angling-angling system, with no installation tools needed. 2G click lock can be combined with fold-down on the short side and also can be used both on long and short sides for angle-angle installation. This lock system also offers more pulling strength.

The realistic V Groove

It is installed in the V Group shape that looks more real and authentic. Your floors are meant to be walked on and lived on. They should feel good when you walk with bare feet. V-Groove laminate flooring does that. The jointing part of V groove laminate flooring presents “V” shape, and that’s how the name comes.

Get Inspired

Transform your space with our stylish and luxurious Herringbone Laminate Flooring, that is capable of bearing the heaviest traffic. Its distinctive character makes it peoples' favourite. With a 12mm thickness, it is capable of providing a reduced sound migration and better insulation.