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The Premium Laminate Flooring

Vista Premium laminate flooring adds a classic aesthetic and functionality to the space with it’s suave and silky smooth surface. Choose from its stunning styles and classic shades to add that modern looking charm to your space. It can be cleaned by merely wiping with a damp cloth, and comes with a warranty of 15 years.

The Happy Medium

8mm are around the average thickness chosen for laminate flooring, and will suit everyday household use. They are not the thinnest products, so can handle more than light footfall, but also not so thick as to be able to handle heavy footfall in busy households.

Durable against abrasion

The Premium Laminate flooring belongs to abrasion category AC4. The Abrasion Criteria or ‘AC’ rating is the internationally accepted classification of laminate flooring durability. Laminate AC ratings measure wear resistance. When buying or specifying commercial laminate flooring it is vital to understand the product’s suitability for its intended application or usage class.

Square Edged

The Premium Laminate flooring is installed in the shape of a square edge. Its jointing part are flat and square after installation. There are no special traces on the jointing section and two planks are joined together smoothly and naturally.

Click Together Installation

Thanks to the click-together method, it's easy to install the Premium Laminate flooring. With no need for glue, screws or nails the planks of flooring click in to place and lock together, leaving behind no risk of gaps in the joints.

Get Inspired

Floor your guests with the silky smooth and suave Premium Laminate Flooring from Vista. Amp up the beauty of your space with this contemporary looking product. With a thickness of 8mm and an easy installation it is a great choice for the homeowners.