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The Vintage Laminate Flooring

Vista Vintage Laminate flooring is inspired from the Luxury European Collection. This laminate flooring boasts of luxury and exquisite designs. This flooring is the go to if you want the best. It can be easily clean wiped with a damp cloth. Vista provides a 20 years warranty on this product.

For Noise Absorption

Our Vintage floorings are 12mm in thickness. Thickness is one of a few big decision you’ll make buying laminate. Thicker laminate makes installation more forgiving. While thickness isn’t the biggest factor in durability, it’s a big factor in the feel of the laminate. 12mm laminate is the go-to for people who want the closest thing to hardwood. If you have a subfloor that is in any way uneven, or if you live in an apartment or are flooring an upstairs room and want to reduce noise in the rooms below it pays off to choose a thicker laminate.

Ideal For The Busiest Spaces

The Vintage Laminate flooring comes with an AC5 rating, implying that it can withstand the traffic and general usage of your room. The AC rating is a testament to the durability of a laminate floor. These floors are manufactured for the busiest, most high-traffic commercial uses. They should handle the kinds of uses common to public buildings, including government buildings, department stores, shopping centers and busy bars.

Sleek And Seamless

It is installed in the square edge format. A square edge is when each plank meets squarely, creating a smooth, uniform surface that pulls everything together. This floor makes for a sleek and seamless finish, offering a contemporary flair to the space. With the square edge, each plank has its own unique look and really seems to pop.

A Robust Installation

The Vintage flooring is installed following the 2G Click system. 2G is a strong and robust mechanical locking system. The system is preferably combined with fold-down on the short side for fastest and easiest installation. However, it can also be used both on long and short sides for an angle-angle installation.

Get Inspired

Bring your floor to life with the luxury emanating Vintage Laminate flooring. It has to be a go to if you simply want the best. This classic product is sure to make your floor indestructible. With a thickness of 12mm and abrasion rating of 5, it is one beastly product out there.