XXL Grande


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The XXL Grande Laminate Flooring

Manufactured in Germany, under the Sensa and Vista parentage, the XXL Grande Laminate flooring is parquet on a broad scale. Make it big with XXL Grande’s generously long, wide planks and superior artisanship floors breathing luxury. Featuring traditional wooden shades, these come under a warranty of 20 years.

High traffic compatible

This flooring comes with a thickness of 12mm. Our 12 mm thick planks are designed to withstand high traffic and offer a solid feel and stellar sound absorption, and since laminate flooring is not highly competent at absorbing ambient sound within a room, every little extra bit of thickness helps. It has nothing to do with wear quality, since the thickness of the wear layer on the 12 mm laminate is the same as conventional thicknesses.

Strongest Wear Layer

The XXL Grande laminate flooring has the wear layer of category AC5, abrasion category 5. The higher the AC Rating on a laminate floor, the more durable it is in everyday situations. Generally, laminate flooring rated at AC1 through AC4 is created using Direct Pressure Laminate, while AC5 is created using High Pressure Laminate.

The ingenuous Megalock

It is installed using the Megaloc system that is one of the most modern, ingenuous and easy flooring locking system solutions. With Megaloc laminate flooring, the locking system holds your laminate planks together. It is the locking system between planks that gives the laminate flooring a smooth and seamless surface that stays tight for years to come.

The Convex V Groove

It is installed in the V Groove shape. More homeowners are discovering the benefits of this type of shape in flooring and opting for it. The shape of V-Groove flooring gives it a more natural look. The convex shape and rounded edges make it seem like it was cut from hardwood instead of by a machine. It is also widely liked because it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Get Inspired

Make your floors speak with this beauty featuring traditional wooden shades. The XXL Grande laminate flooring adds grandeur to the space. While giving a feeling of luxury with its wide and long planks, it ensures endurability with a 12mm thickness.