Sheer Dimout Blinds


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The Zebra Blinds

Vista Sheer Dimout blinds, also known as Zebra Blinds worldwide, offer a melody of sheer and opaque combination of the same fabric, enticing and delighting the viewers. Enabling you to control the light in your room, the layers of vista sheer dim out blinds can be moved independently, or in tandem to create different light effects.

Lighting that creates drama

Vista Sheer Dimout blinds work like a dual roller blind and look like a shutter when looking at from a distance. They are very popular because of their modern & stylish feature. Zebra blinds are the way to go when you find plantation shutters to be heavy on your pocket and when you don't like venetian blinds.

Magic of Day & Night

Also known as the Day and Night blinds, Vista Sheer Dimout are a contemporary alternative to the vertical blinds. These Zebra Roller Blinds let you adjust the position to your desired privacy and light setting for enhanced flexibility.

Transform Light

Choose how and when light filters into your room and alter your privacy levels with this modern take on the traditional vertical blinds. The stylish and flexible Vista Sheer Dimout Window Blinds are a popular choice for kitchens and living areas.

Seamless Operations

Available in both manual and automatic operations, Vista Sheer Dimout blinds can be opened for a soft view, closed for complete privacy or adjusted for flexible light control. These are 100% polyester blinds with a coating to resist any weathering, that makes them durable and easy to clean.

Get Inspired

Take inspirations from our project gallery to install the Vista Sheer Dimout blind that closes the gap between Plantation Shutters and Venetian Blinds. Its unique design offers a melody of sheer and opaque combination of the same fabric for complete light control and privacy.