Vintage 12 mm - AC 5

Elevate the aesthetics of your space with Vista 12 mm AC 5 Vintage Wooden Flooring. Crafted with precision and designed to exude timeless charm, our vintage wooden flooring collection is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of classic elegance and modern durability. Whether you’re renovating your home, office, or any other interior space, Vista’s vintage wooden flooring will leave a lasting impression.

Vintage 12 mm : AC 5 KeyFeatures

Our Vista 12 mm AC 5 Vintage Wooden Flooring is crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring longevity and resilience. This means your investment will stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas.

Our flooring captures the essence of vintage charm. With intricate wood grain patterns and rich, warm tones, it creates an inviting atmosphere that harks back to the days of old-world craftsmanship.

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