Curtain Tracks by vista fashions

Range of Vista Curtain Tracks

You bought those beautiful curtains you loved at the mall the other day, but did you know that curtain tracks come in almost as many varieties as curtains themselves? Straight, curved, double, bendable etc. But don’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Vista offers a range of curtain tracks, each efficient and unique in its own way.

Straight Curtain Tracks:

Left to right, right to left—simple, clean, and effective. Straight curtain tracks from Vista provide versatile installation options for a variety of window sizes and styles, maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

Curved Curtain Tracks:

Add movement and uniqueness to your space with curved curtain tracks. These elegant solutions gracefully accommodate unique window shapes, perfect for bay windows or curved walls, enhancing interior aesthetics while offering functionality.

Panel Curtain Track:

Ideal for both modern minimalists who love uncultured spaces and, eclectic decorators with a love for textures, panel curtain tracks allow multiple panels to slide independently, offering flexibility in light control and privacy. Choose between corded or uncorded options to explore different textures and patterns with ease of use.

Motorized Curtain Track:

Experience ultimate convenience with Vista’s high-quality motorized curtain tracks. Now, you can welcome the morning sun whilst still lounging in bed, or immediately get complete privacy with a push of a button. Vista has now made being comfortable easier than ever before.


Your choice of curtain track can significantly impact the overall look and style of your living space. Whether you prefer a calm aesthetic or bold textures, the right track plays a crucial role in tying your decor together. Think of it as the bow on top of a present—shaping how your space is perceived. Trust Vista to help you make the perfect choice. Book a personalized consultation today and embark on your home makeover journey with us!

Curtain Tracks by vista fashions

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