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What is AC Rating in Wooden Flooring?

Introduction to AC Rating in Wooden Flooring

When selecting wooden flooring, understanding the AC rating is crucial for ensuring you choose the right type for your space. AC ratings, or Abrasion Class ratings, measure the durability of laminate flooring against everyday wear and tear. Vista, a pioneer in flooring manufacturing, offers a variety of flooring options with different AC ratings to suit various needs.

Understanding the AC Rating Scale

The AC rating scale ranges from AC1 to AC5, each indicating a different level of durability. Knowing what each rating means helps you select the appropriate flooring for your home or commercial space.

AC1 Rating: Light Residential Use

AC1-rated flooring is designed for light residential use. It’s suitable for areas with minimal foot traffic, such as bedrooms. This rating indicates the flooring can handle light wear but isn’t ideal for high-traffic areas.

AC2 Rating: Moderate Residential Use

AC2-rated flooring is more durable than AC1 and is suitable for moderate residential use. This type is perfect for rooms with moderate foot traffic, like living rooms and dining areas. It offers a balance between durability and comfort.

AC3 Rating: Heavy Residential Use

AC3-rated flooring is ideal for heavy residential use. It can withstand high foot traffic and is perfect for busy households. This rating is suitable for hallways, kitchens, and other frequently used areas.

AC4 Rating: Light Commercial Use

AC4-rated flooring is designed for light commercial use. It’s robust enough for spaces like offices, small shops, and cafés. This rating ensures the flooring can handle the demands of commercial environments while maintaining its appearance.

AC5 Rating: Heavy Commercial Use

AC5-rated flooring is the most durable, designed for heavy commercial use. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas like retail stores, schools, and public buildings. This rating guarantees maximum durability and resistance to wear.

Vista’s Flooring Ranges and Their AC Ratings

Vista offers a variety of flooring options, each with specific AC ratings to match different needs.

Vintage Series: AC5 Rating

Vista’s Vintage Series boasts an AC5 rating, making it perfect for heavy commercial use. This series offers the ultimate durability and can withstand the highest levels of foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for busy public spaces.

Premium Series: AC4 Rating

The Premium Series by Vista features an AC4 rating, suitable for light commercial use. This series combines durability with a luxurious appearance, making it ideal for offices and small retail spaces.

Chevron Series: AC4 Rating

Also rated AC4, Vista’s Chevron Series is designed for light commercial use. The stylish chevron pattern adds a modern touch to any space, while the high durability ensures long-lasting beauty and performance.

Classic Series: AC3 Rating

Vista’s Classic Series, with an AC3 rating, is perfect for heavy residential use. It offers excellent durability for busy households, making it ideal for kitchens, hallways, and living areas where foot traffic is frequent.

Engineered Wood Series: AC5 Rating

The Engineered Wood Series from Vista is rated AC5, ensuring it can handle heavy commercial use. This series provides the beauty of real wood with the durability needed for the most demanding environments.

Choosing the Right AC Rating for Your Space

Selecting the appropriate AC rating for your flooring depends on the specific needs of your space. For areas with minimal foot traffic, an AC1 or AC2 rating is sufficient. Busy households should consider AC3-rated flooring for its durability. For commercial spaces, AC4 and AC5 ratings are recommended to ensure the flooring withstands heavy use.


Understanding AC ratings is essential when choosing wooden flooring. Vista offers a wide range of flooring options with different AC ratings to suit various needs, from light residential to heavy commercial use. By selecting the right AC rating, you ensure your flooring will last and maintain its beauty, no matter the level of foot traffic.

What is AC rating in wooden flooring by Vista Fashions

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